Bring an Awakening.

Published March 8, 2023

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Bring an Awakening.

Ready or not? The countdown is on! The hour has come… and it’s slipping away faster than we realize!

Daylight Saving Time is almost here — this coming Saturday night, and with it comes the loss of that most cherished, precious hour of rest we’ve all grown so accustomed to.

But while losing an hour of sleep may seem insignificant — I won’t speak for everyone, it serves as a powerful reminder that time itself is fleeting. So, let this email be a wake-up call to make the most of every day, hour, and minute that we’re entrusted with.

As we prepare to “spring forward” into longer days of awakening light, let’s also prepare our hearts for a spiritual awakening. This charge recently reminded me of Romans 13:11 as I listened to the following lyrics from the song “Bring an Awakening” by People & Songs:

We call out to the broken
We cry out for the hopeless
Commanding those in darkness
Come awake come awake
We liberate the captives
We activate the passive
We scream out to the masses
Come awake come awake

If you’re not familiar with the song, its lyrics speak of a longing for God to awaken the hearts of His people and bring revival, which goes hand in hand with Paul writing in Romans about the has come for us, believers and followers of Christ Jesus, to wake from our sleep, for our salvation in Jesus, and Jesus alone is nearer than when we first believed (Romans 13:11).

Although we are moving forward one hour to enjoy longer days of light, it’s disheartening that our world is asleep in spiritual darkness, passive and lethargic, and in dire need of a God-breathed awakening to revive their lives, in all of our lives.

In our cities, nations, and the world at large, an awakening is long overdue. However, many individuals are still fooled by a misleading sense of safety, holding on to the belief that their idols will provide them with joy and contentment that only God can.

And just like time is fleeting, so are the idols of a commanding slumber — the people, places, and things — that ensnare our hearts and keep us far from God and His awakening, freeing presence.

However, one thing that is not fleeting is awakening to the truth that Jesus is the light of the world. He alone has the power to bring us genuine joy, peace, and righteousness in this life and the next.

Jesus, and Jesus alone, is the only light that can awaken and liberate all of us from our slumber of sin and darkness, as stated in John 1:9: “The true Light, which gives light to everyone, was coming into the world.”

So, join us tonight at 8 pm via Zoom as we pray for an awakening in our communities and campuses in Fort Worth — and the world at large.

Come awake, come awake… it’s time to awaken from our sleep and pursue a deeper relationship with Jesus. Let’s not only seek to experience Him more but also encourage and activate others to do the same. Let’s answer the call to share the true Light, the Lord Jesus Christ, with everyone, so they too can rise from sin and receive salvation.

May God’s awakening pour down from the heavens on our communities and campuses, as it is in Heaven, in Fort Worth, and beyond.


God bless,
Pastor Alvin & Mallary Brown ::

P.S. You’re invited to join us as we enter into our second week of a 12-week long Bible study entitled, “Come and See: Exploring the Gospel of John”.

We call out to the broken. We cry out for the hopeless. Commanding those in darkness. Come awake come awake. We liberate the captives. We activate the passive. We scream out to the masses. Come awake come awake.

P.S.S. Mark your calendar and join us for food and fun at The Brown’s house (text The Browns for location details).

Sunday, Mar. 12th @ 5 pm

Sunday, Mar. 26th @ 5 pm

Come for the food and fun, stay for the community!

General Prayer Requests & Updates

For evangelism to flourish so communities and campuses in the greater Fort Worth area will be reached, and the lost will see and experience the love of Christ and be drawn to his kingdom.

For signs and wonders to follow the preaching of His Word.

For team unity and laborers to help carry the load.

For finances and provisions.

For fully funded campus missionaries (2 per campus) to help reach the next generation — University of Texas at Arlington (UTA), Texas Christian University (TCU), Tarrant County College (TCC), Texas Wesleyan University (TWU) and Tarleton State University – Fort Worth (TSU).

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