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Our aim is to create a community that prioritizes God and others, which leads to a radical influence on culture – it’s not about being “cool”. 

We know as parents, you want your middle and high school students to follow Jesus, and we’re here to support and guide them through this challenging phase of life.

Mosaic Students can help your child develop a stronger relationship with God and apply biblical principles to everyday life. We believe it’s important for every student to know Christ, their identity in Christ, and share the gospel boldly in their community.

Mosaic Students meets monthly, which is separate from Sunday services at 10 am. You’re invited to partner with us in nurturing your child’s spiritual growth.



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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the Mosaic Students?

Mosaic Students ministry aims to create a safe and engaging space for middle and high school students to grow in their faith, connect with peers, and impact their world for Christ. It aims to help students apply the Bible, build a personal relationship with Jesus, discover their gifts and calling, and partner with parents in raising leaders and disciples.

What types of activities and events does Mosaic Students offer?

Mosaic Students ministry offers various activities and events such as gatherings for worship, small group discipleship, retreats, community service opportunities, social events, and leadership development programs.

What is the schedule for Mosaic Students meetings and events?

The schedule for Mosaic Students ministry meetings and events may vary depending on the specific program and season. It is best to check with the ministry leadership or website for the most up-to-date information on meeting times, events, and activities.

What are the safety and security measures in place for Mosaic Students?

Mosaic Students ministry has several safety and security measures in place to ensure the well-being of all students. These measures include:

  • Background checks for all volunteers and staff
  • Secure check-in and check-out procedures for events and activities
  • A comprehensive emergency response plan

Additionally, there are designated leaders and trained volunteers who oversee the safety and security of students during all ministry events and activities. Mosaic Students also adheres to all applicable laws and regulations regarding child safety and protection.

How is spiritual growth and development supported in Mosaic Students?

Mosaic Students ministry supports spiritual growth and development through a variety of means, including biblical teaching, small group discussions and discipleship, and participation in worship and prayer.

The ministry also offers conferences, retreats, and mission trips that provide opportunities for students to deepen their faith and connect with other believers.

In addition, Mosaic Students encourages students to serve in the church and community, putting their faith into action and developing their gifts and abilities.

What are the guidelines for social media and electronic communication among participants and leaders?

Mosaic Students guidelines for social media and electronic communication among participants and leaders are as follows:

  1. All communication should be appropriate, respectful, and honor the dignity of each person.
  2. Electronic communication should only be used for ministry-related purposes and not for personal or inappropriate matters.
  3. All communication should be transparent and open to accountability by parents, other volunteers, and leaders, or pastors.
  4. Volunteers and leaders should avoid private one-on-one electronic communication with minors, except for emergencies or important matters that require privacy, and with the knowledge and consent of parents.
  5. Volunteers and leaders should refrain from sharing personal information, photos, or private messages with minors, and avoid creating exclusive relationships or favoritism.
  6. Volunteers and leaders should not be friends with minors on personal social media accounts, but instead, use group or ministry accounts for communication.
  7. All communication should comply with the church’s policies, standards of behavior, and code of conduct for youth ministry.
  8. Volunteers and leaders should report any inappropriate or suspicious communication, behavior, or content to the pastor, parents, or authorities as needed.
  9. Parents should be informed about the guidelines and encouraged to monitor their child’s electronic communication and social media use.
  10. Volunteers and leaders should model healthy and responsible communication and avoid any behavior that may compromise their integrity or reputation.

What is the Mosaic Students policy on parent involvement and attendance?

We encourage parental involvement and attendance at certain trips, activities, and events, and require parental permission for certain activities or events. It’s best to reach out to the Mosaic Students ministry pastor directly for a specific policy.

What is the age range to attend Mosaic Students?

The age range to attend Mosaic Students youth ministry is middle and high school students, typically ranging from 6th to 12th grade.

What is the ratio of adult volunteers to youth participants?

When possibly Mosaic Students recommends having at least one adult volunteer for every five to ten youth participants, depending on the age and maturity level of the youth.

In addition, Mosaic Students aims and desires adequate numbers of adult volunteers to ensure the safety and well-being of the youth, as well as to provide adequate supervision and guidance during activities and events.

Are there any overnight trips or retreats, and what are the accommodations like?

Mosaic Students does participate in an annual camp and retreat as well as 40- hour Elevate, a discipleship-focused experience over the course of a weekend that includes an intentional time of building relationships, exploring spiritual truth, and making memories for our students.  Parents/guardians are made aware of all accommodations, spelled out in great detail, prior to commencing the trip, event, or activity.

What opportunities are there for students to serve the community or engage in missions work?

Mosaic Students offers service opportunities for community and mission work, including local projects and trips. Students can serve others, grow in faith, and develop a heart for missions.

Are there any volunteer opportunities for parents to get involved in Mosaic Students?

Yes, Mosaic Students ministry offers various volunteer opportunities for parents to get involved, including serving as small group leaders, chaperoning events, providing transportation, assisting with administrative tasks, and participating in service projects and mission trips.

Anyone interested in volunteering can contact the Mosaic Students ministry team for more information on available opportunities.

How can parents provide feedback or suggestions for Mosaic Students?

Parents can give feedback or suggestions for Mosaic Students by contacting leaders via email, phone, or in-person conversations. Periodic surveys and feedback forms are also available. Attending parent meetings and events is encouraged.