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We believe that reaching and changing the campus changes the world when we help students develop a growing and thriving relationship with Christ  realizing their greatest potential to make a difference.

Whether you hold a different religious belief or no belief at all, are new to the Christian faith, or have been walking with God for years, you’re welcome to learn more about the Gospel, grow in Christ, and join us on our mission to change the campus, change the world.

If you’re a college student with a desire to grow in your relationship with Jesus and others in a multiethnic community, then get connected with Every Nation Campus (ENC) at one of the following universities:

Find your people,
and let’s change the world!

Meet Bria Lacour, our college campus missionary. Her story embodies our mission to reach students with the Gospel of Jesus, transforming lives and families.

We are deeply passionate about guiding students to discover their true worth and identity in Christ through discipleship.

Let us walk with you as you take your next steps to discover God’s purpose for your life. Let’s get and stay connected! Connect to stay in the loop on our upcoming events.

Why The Campus?

  1. The campus is home to future leaders who will have a significant impact on a nation’s culture across various critical domains.

  2. The university campus has birthed significant changes, from spiritual awakenings to political movements, and served as a starting point for ideologies such as Marxism, atheism, feminism, and others that had a global impact.

  3. A significant proportion of individuals who become Christians do so while they are still students. Several studies have confirmed that the majority of people who accept Christ do so before reaching the age of 25.

  4. International students, typically the top one percent of students in their home nations, can have a significant impact on their countries. Sharing the gospel with them while studying abroad and sending them back home can expand its reach worldwide.

  5. Values imparted on campus become the values of society. The philosophies, morals, and ethics taught by university professors inevitably find their way into public policy, media, and education, shaping the future of society for years to come.

  6. University campuses offer a highly accessible group of people, as students often have fewer obligations and limitations that may hinder their ability to follow Christ and serve Him with boldness.

  7. Reaching a student can have a ripple effect on their family. A single visit home from a student who has been transformed by the gospel can initiate a spiritual chain reaction that impacts every member of their family.

  8. God promised to pour out His Spirit on the younger generations (Acts 2:17), thus we should expect and desire a significant awakening for all the world to come to know Jesus.


Personal Discipleship Guide

Learn and understand what it really means to believe, follow, and walk in relationship with Jesus!

The Purple Book

Biblical Foundations for Building Strong Disciples

Get to know and apply the essential Biblical beliefs of Christianity to your life.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ENC?

Every Nation Campus, often affectionately referred to as ENC, is the local chapter of Every Nation Churches and Ministries, which is a global family of churches that exists to honor God by establishing Christ-centered, Spirit-empowered, socially responsible churches, and campus ministries in every nation.

Is ENC affiliated with a particular denomination or church?

ENC is a Christian campus ministry partnering with Mosaic Church Fort Worth, which meets weekly at Southwest Christian School for Bible study on Saturdays, and will soon start meeting at Westpark Relief Elementary School for weekly Sunday gatherings. 

What is ENC's statement of faith?

The official statement of Every Nation Churches and Ministries can be found here. In addition, ENC adheres to the World Evangelical Alliance Statement of Faith.  

What is the purpose of ENC?

The purpose of Every Nation Campus (ENC) ministries is to engage and impact college students with the gospel, help them establish a growing relationship with Jesus Christ, and equip and empower them to change their campus and the world.

When, where, and how often does ENC meet?

ENC meetings and events vary by campus, so we encourage you to connect with the ENC team at your specific college to learn more about their schedule and meeting locations. They would be happy to provide you with all the details and answer any other questions you may have about getting involved with ENC on your campus.

What kind of activities and events does ENC organize?

ENC provides a variety of activities aimed at helping college students discover and fulfill their God-given purpose, including but not limited to weekly gatherings, small group meetings, one-on-one mentorship, conferences, retreats, and social events.

What is the process for becoming involved in ENC?

While the process may vary slightly depending on the campus, it typically involves attending one of our events like a weekly meeting or social gathering to meet other students and learn about our ministry. From there, you can join a small group or Bible study, attend a retreat or conference, or serve on one of our teams.

We’re excited to help you find the right opportunities to grow in your faith. Take the first step and connect today!

What is ENC's leadership structure?

The ENC leadership structure typically involves a team of student leaders who are passionate about sharing the gospel and making a difference on their campus.

Leaders are supported by staff members from a local church or ministry organization, and are accountable to a larger network of Every Nation leaders and pastors around the world. We believe in empowering students to take ownership of their faith and ministry, and we provide training and support to help them develop the skills they need to lead effectively.

Connect with us today if you have more questions or would like to get involved!

How does ENC develop leaders and offer leadership opportunities for students?

We believe that developing leaders is crucial to our mission of impacting college students with the gospel.

Our approach to leadership development may vary from campus to campus, but typically includes opportunities for personal mentoring, discipleship, and training in various areas of ministry. We encourage students to get involved in serving on one of our teams, leading a small group or Bible study, or helping to plan events and outreaches.

Let us help connect you with opportunities to grow as a Christ-centered, Spirit-empowered, and socially-responsible leader that makes a lasting difference on your campus, the community, and the world.

How does the ENC serve the campus and local community?

We’re committed to serving our campus and local community as the hands and feet of Jesus.

Our service projects include volunteering at local homeless shelters, community clean-up projects, and events to provide resources for those in need. We also offer leadership opportunities for students to develop their skills and make a positive impact.

Let’s connect you with opportunities to serve and show God’s love in practical ways.

What is the ENC's approach to evangelism and outreach?

We believe that sharing the Gospel of Jesus is the heart of our mission, and we have a variety of resources and tools to help students do that effectively.

Some of these tools include “God’s Not Dead” events, the God TestOne2One mentoring and discipleship relationships, and “The Purple Book” Bible study.

Our approach to outreach involves building authentic relationships with people on campus and in the local community, serving others, and sharing the love of Christ through our words and actions.

We believe that every student has a unique story to tell and live out and that sharing the Gospel of Jesus should be a natural part of our lives.

Let us help you discover the joy of growing in your relationship with Jesus while effectively sharing the Good News of Jesus with others.

How does the ENC address questions or doubts about faith?

We recognize that there are questions and doubts that arise in the hearts and minds of many students, and our desire is to help create a safe space where those questions can be addressed and answered in theological truths derived from the Bible.

One of the ways we do this is through small group discussions, where students can share their doubts and struggles with others who have gone through similar experiences. We also offer one-on-one mentoring with mature believers who can provide guidance and wisdom.

Supplemental to the Bible, we have Bible-centered resources available, such as books, videos, and podcasts, that address common questions and concerns about faith.

Our goal is not to provide easy answers, but rather to journey with students as they seek to discover the truth rooted in Biblical principles and foundations.

If you have questions or doubts about faith, we would love to connect with you and help you find the answers you’re looking for. Connect with us today!