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I want to take this moment to address something that might be incredibly difficult for you to hear: marital infidelity. 

If you’re reading this, you’ve likely experienced this unthinkable and unimaginable situation. I can’t personally even begin to comprehend the pain and confusion you must be going through right now.  

Unfortunately, yet fortunately, my wife and I have guided one too many couples through the treacherous trenches of recovering from marital infidelity. 

So please hear my heart when I share with you that you’re not alone. And while many marriages have not recovered from infidelity, many others have faced similar challenges and have miraculously found hope, healing, and restoration.

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Are you tired, defeated, or lacking motivation? Do you feel like you’re losing your way in life? 

At some point, if not many, in a person’s life, these questions are posed in some shape, form, or fashion in the context of our lives.  And if we don’t vocalize them, then they certainly pass through our minds, whether a fleeting thought or an extended stay.

But no matter where you might find yourself wrestling with these and many other questions, know that there is hope.  

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America has a complex history, to say the least. There are times when Americans have stood up for what is right and just in the eyesight of God, but unfortunately, there is also a dark side to America’s past. This dark side includes slavery, segregation, systemic oppression, and racism to name a few. 

More recently, this history has been at the forefront of national debate and conversation, causing division and disunity. It is a difficult time in America on many different fronts, and many people feel helpless and unsure of how to move forward.

As Christians, we have a unique opportunity to unite during these turbulent cultural times to see our nation healed by God.

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