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What is the mission of Christianity, more specifically, our mission as Christians?

Or perhaps the best question is, what is the Christian mission for God as He purposed it?

How would you answer the following questions?  And for all of you Sunday School alumni, we know your go-to answer: Jesus.

Indeed, Jesus is the answer.  But let’s go a step further. Let’s go deeper.

What is the mission of Jesus?

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Are you tired, defeated, or lacking motivation? Do you feel like you’re losing your way in life? 

At some point, if not many, in a person’s life, these questions are posed in some shape, form, or fashion in the context of our lives.  And if we don’t vocalize them, then they certainly pass through our minds, whether a fleeting thought or an extended stay.

But no matter where you might find yourself wrestling with these and many other questions, know that there is hope.  

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How did we discover almost half the nation in this situation?

It’s alarming to hear the U.S. Surgeon General, Dr. Vivek Murthy, raise the flag on a growing threat that surpasses the reach of COVID — the silent epidemic of a giant known as loneliness. This issue plagues not only our nation but millions of lives worldwide, leaving us yearning for genuine connection and communal belonging.

Whether we believe it or not, loneliness goes beyond physical isolation. It stems from a lack of quality relationships and meaningful connections. As Dr. Murthy shared, what’s most alarming about the epidemic of loneliness growing are its increasing deathly consequences:

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You know what tomorrow is, right? May the fourth be with you! I couldn’t resist that Star Wars reference. 😂

But in all seriousness, tomorrow is an important day as is this week being an important week for City Elections in Fort Worth.

But as for tomorrow, it’s the first Thursday of May, which means it’s the National Day of Prayer in the United States.

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