Why Benbrook, Texas is the Ideal Place to Work, Live, and Play.

Published May 13, 2023

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Why Benbrook, Texas is the Ideal Place to Work, Live, and Play.

Is Benbrook, Texas a good place to live and call home?  

This is the question many are searching to discover when considering whether or not to make the Fort Worth area their new home.

But I’m personally glad to report, having moved to Benbrook myself, that the Benbrook area is one of the best-kept secrets tucked away in the heart of Southwest Fort Worth in Tarrant County.  It’s Southwest Fort Worth’s premier destination and one of the best places to call home that truly feels like home in a big city!

With a population of just over 25,000 people and an annual population growth rate of roughly 2%, Benbrook is becoming the go-to choice for many singles and families in search of affordable housing, good schools, and its close proximity to good-paying jobs, entertainment, and cultural attractions of Fort Worth.

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Having lived in Austin, Texas for twenty-plus years and witnessed absurd growth, my wife, our three kids, and I knew Benbrook was the perfect place to call home.  

We searched and visited quite a few suburbs and homes in our search of where in Fort Worth we would live, raise our family, and plant Mosaic Church Fort Wortha non-denominational Christian church with a heart for making disciples of Jesus in a multiethnic, multigenerational context.

While there are certain things we miss about Austin — our long-time friends and neighbors, the local Austin delicacies, and our previous church, there is so much that we have grown to love and continue growing in love about the Benbrook area.

Benbrook’s proximity to Fort Worth.

One reason our family chose to settle in Benbrook was the desirable blend of suburban living with close proximity to the amenities and opportunities of a larger city.  On any given day, my family and I can leave Benbrook, and travel to and from downtown Fort Worth within 20-25 minutes using 3 different highways and one toll road (I-820, I-30, I-20 to Chisholm Trail Parkway). 

The view of downtown Fort Worth from the Ventana entrance that also overlooks Benbrook, Texas.

While Benbrook does have a Walmart and a slew of fast-food chain establishments along the town corridor known as Benbrook Boulevard — McDonald’s, Chick-Fi-La, Whataburger, Wingstop, Panda Express, Braum’s, and Chipotle, Benbrook truly lacks a healthy choice of restaurants that offer comfort food or anything other than fast food.  

There’s Hoffbrau’s, Cracker Barrel, Paisano’s, and the Lonestar Grill that we frequent as a family in the heart of Benbrook.  There is also a Starbucks, Black Rifle Coffee Company, and a budding number of local coffee shops in and near Benbrook. 

But the best news of all is that because of our proximity to Fort Worth, Benbrook residents are only two to three exits in all directions from indulging in a myriad of eating and big-box shopping options in Fort Worth.

Benbrook values education.

Another concern that was quickly and easily put to rest was how well our kids would transition to a new city, new neighborhood, and most importantly, a new public school.  We searched and asked around about public schools and the neighborhoods before finally settling into the 492-acre master-planned community of Ventana and Westpark Elementary School.  

Westpark Elementary School located at 10202 Jerry Dunn Parkway, Benbrook, Texas, 76126.

Another benefit of Benbrook being in close proximity to Fort Worth is that it is considered a part of the Fort Worth Independent School District.  In particular, Westpark Elementary has a strong proven track record and is highly regarded for its commitment to academic excellence, qualified teachers who create a positive learning environment, a robust curriculum with diverse programs, and strong community involvement. 

In addition, my wife and I loved how well-maintained the facilities are kept and how all students benefit from an engaging and supportive educational experience. Our kids thrive and succeeded at Westpark Elementary, having all three excel academically as well as earning the Star-Student Award. 

We’ll miss our time at Westpark Elementary as our kids start at the newly built Rolling Hills Elementary (formerly Westpark Relief Elementary).

Rendering of Rolling Hills Elementary located at 10351 Orchard Way, Fort Worth, Texas, 76126.

Once again, because Benbrook values and highly regards academic and professional excellence for students, parents, and faculty/staff, Rolling Hills was built to ease the rapid increase of families arriving and moving to the Ventana neighborhood and Benbrook area.

There are also a number of private schools — BASIS Benbrook, Southwest Christian School, Trinity Valley School, Fort Worth Academy, All Saints’ Episcopal School, St Peter’s Classical School, and more —  to consider in and near Benbrook.

Benbrook is close to Texas Christian University (TCU).

And while Benbrook is home to top-notch grade school academic excellence, it’s not that far from Texas Christian University.  TCU is a vibrant university with a strong academic reputation. The distance between Benbrook and TCU is about 7 miles or a 15-minute ride by car. Benbrook and TCU are both great places to live, work, and learn as witnessed by the number of TCU faculty/staff and alumni that call Benbrook home. 

In addition, our family and Mosaic Church Fort Worth have greatly benefited from being located so close to TCU, especially when it comes to sporting events such as football, basketball, and baseball games as well as track and field.  In addition, Mosaic Church Fort Worth is reaching and changing the campus by helping TCU students develop a growing and thriving relationship with Christ — realizing their greatest potential to make a difference while at TCU and after as they enter into the world.

Whether it’s supporting local businesses, engaging in community events, or simply enjoying the lively atmosphere, the bond between Benbrook and TCU adds an extra layer of excitement and enrichment to the living experience in this area.

Benbrook offers affordable housing.

Having lived in Austin during one of the most explosive real estate market booms, our family openly welcomed and applauded the cost of living and truly how affordable Benbrook is, especially in terms of affordable housing whether renting/leasing or buying.  

According to Zillow, the median home value in Benbrook, Texas is $309,851 while the median household income is $73,945 with a poverty rate of 6.71 %. This means that half of the homes in Benbrook are worth more than $309,851, and half are worth less. The median home price has increased by 2.4% over the past year.

There are quite a few subdivisions — Skyline Ranch, the many Whitestone subdivisions, Tivolo Park, Ventana, Bellas Crossing, and others —  and builder and floor plan options to choose from, whether existing or a new home build.

We chose Ventana because of the proximity to church and schools. Westpark Elementary, Rolling Hills Elementary, and Benbrook Middle-High Schools are less than 5-10 minutes away.  Mosaic Church Fort Worth hosted 2023 Easter Services at Benbrook Middle-High School and will launch services at Rolling Hills Elementary once it completes the build, temporarily at Benbrook Middle-High School starting September 2023.

Benbrook is a safe-haven community.

Benbrook is more than just a picturesque and thriving community—it’s a safe haven where residents can truly feel at ease. The latest crime and safety rating in Benbrook, Texas is 74.3 out of 100 (100 defined at safest place to live), according to Dwellics.

With its lower national average crime rate and dedicated law enforcement, my family and I feel safe and fully confident in Benbrook prioritizing the safety and security of its residents now and in the years to come. 

We personally know the majority of our Ventana neighbors on a first-name basis and have quite a few over for monthly dinners. And because we know our neighbors, we each take pride in caring for and looking out for one another, actively reporting any suspicious activities, solidifying the bond, and creating a strong support network all the more.

In addition, the community policing approach continues to build trust and collaboration between the police and the community, fostering a sense of unity, safety, and peace for all while sustaining low crime rates.

Benbrook rapidly becoming a diverse community.

As each and every day passes and the masses discover all Benbrook has to offer in all aspects of work, living, and play, Benbrook is becoming a more welcoming place for people from all walks of life.

Based on the 2020 US Census, Benbrook is compromised of 75 percent White, just over 15 percent two or more races, nearly 5 percent Black or African American, and 5 percent Asian American, Pacific Islander, and other.  And while the latest census might not reveal it, the number of people living and arriving in Benbrook daily from different ethnic and racial backgrounds is growing. 

The number of multicultural and multiethnic churches like Mosaic Church Fort Worth is on the rise in Benbrook to meet the desire for its population to embrace a diverse expression of the Kingdom of God truly representing the nations in all areas of life, places of worship included.

Outdoor activities and recreation in Benbrook.

Benbrook provides a wealth of indoor and outdoor activities for recreation and leisure.

Benbrook Lake and Dutch Branch Park

Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy the scenic, picturesque Benbrook Lake, and the shooting ranges of nearby Fort Worth Trap & Skeet Club and Defender Outdoors Clay Sports Ranch.  There are also horseback riding trails at Benbrook Stables.

Horseback riding with Benbrook Stables.

In addition, there are a growing number of sports leagues, public basketball, volleyball, and tennis courts, and athletic programs available too.  And I can’t forget about the golf lovers playing at the renowned Whitestone Golf Club or the nearby Pecan Valley Golf Course

Backside of Whitestone Golf in Benbrook, Texas.

The Benbrook Community Center YMCA offers fitness facilities and programs for all ages. And next to the YMCA is also a local favorite, Benbrook 3 Par — a driving range, mini golf, and batting cages.  While roughly 10 minutes from Benbrook, there is also Main Event, Altitude Trampoline Park, and Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure.

And if parks with walking trails and picnic areas are your thing, there are nearly 20 parks in a 10-mile radius of Benbrook to visit and enjoy. 

And for those that love indoor activities, the Benbrook Library provides a quiet space and a wide range of reading materials. The vibrant arts community offers art galleries, theater performances, and cultural events, ensuring there’s something for everyone in Benbrook.

Ready to call and make Benbrook your home?

Benbrook is an up-and-coming suburb that is not far from no longer being the best-kept secret of Fort Worth, especially Southwest Fort Worth.  

Overall, Benbrook leads the way in offering affordable housing, excellent schools, proximity to Fort Worth and TCU, a thriving diverse community, and a wide range of recreational activities. 

Whether you’re a single professional, a growing family, or a retiree, Benbrook provides the ideal setting to create a fulfilling and enjoyable life. 

So, why wait? Make Benbrook your home as my family and I have, and you too will experience the charm and opportunities this hidden gem has to offer.

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