Better Together in Fort Worth.

Published August 31, 2023

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Better Together in Fort Worth.

July flew by in the blink of an eye, and it’s hard to believe that we’re celebrating our one-year anniversary in Fort Worth this week—as I type this very message to you. 

The past year has been more than good. It’s been truly remarkable—to God be the glory! 

Fort Worth has become our home, and although we occasionally travel back to Austin, where we miss our friends, Fort Worth’s warm embrace has made it feel like we’ve always belonged here.

Speaking of traveling back to Austin, we kicked off the month, returning to Mosaic Church Austin as I preached and continued a sermon series in the book of Ephesians titled “Coming Soon to A City Near You.” 

Walking in Unity – Pastor Alvin Brown [July 9, 2023]

We explored Ephesians 4, focusing on the first six verses in a sermon titled “Walking in Unity.” In this message, we delved into how Christians are called to walk together in unity, embracing the gospel’s transformative power.

We focused on the three crucial prerequisites for embracing unity:

  • Maintaining spiritual balance
  • Embodying Christ-like attitudes
  • Committing to diligent effort

Through these truths, we discover that unity rooted in Christ has the power to change lives and bring a better story to our cities—the redemptive story of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection.

Speaking of better stories, God has been weaving a beautiful narrative for Mosaic Church Fort Worth. 

Our story intersected this month with the story of Dr. Angélica Ramsey, the Superintendent of Fort Worth, and we couldn’t be more thrilled. Our families arrived in Fort Worth around the same time last year, and amidst her busy schedule, she graciously met with us. 

 Dr. Angélica Ramsey, the Superintendent of Fort Worth.

During our meeting, we discussed the potential for collaboration between churches and schools to support children and families in Fort Worth. Our conversation revealed exciting possibilities, such as community initiatives, literacy programs, and showing appreciation for our hardworking teachers.

These are divine intersections in our stories that we believe God orchestrates and demonstrate the potential for our city to realize a better story for the betterment of all. 

But that’s not all! 

July also marked the beginning of a 7-week Summer women’s Bible study on the book of Jude, exploring the transformative masterpiece by Jackie Hill Perry“Jude: Contending for the Faith in Today’s Culture.”

We explored the intersecting stories of contending for faith in today’s culture. Through the timeless wisdom of Jude’s writings, we challenged ourselves to live a better story together—one rooted in unwavering convictions, united in purpose, and radiating the transformative power of Jesus’ love to a watching world.

Furthermore, in the spirit of crafting a more meaningful story together, our community is expanding as additional families become part of our neighborhood and participate in our Community Dinner.

Despite the usual summer distractions, we were divinely and pleasantly surprised to have 45 adults and kids attend one of the best Community Dinners to date. 

But that’s not all!  

What’s even more heartwarming is that many of our neighbors have become ambassadors, inviting others to join the story for a greater story to be told.

And it’s these stories of connection and community that are incredibly encouraging as we look forward to Launch Sunday, which is fast approaching.

We hold firm to our faith that these stories, both current and those yet to unfold, will be profoundly impacted by the greatest story one could ever know—the good news: the gospel of Jesus.

We are immensely grateful for your partnership in our stories intersecting to share in God’s mission for the gospel of Jesus to reach and transform lives in Fort Worth, Texas. 

As we pray daily for deeper connections with God and others, we ask for your continued prayers as we prepare for the next chapter of making disciples of Jesus: Launch Sunday—September 10, 2023.

Stay tuned for August’s exciting news and updates on everything happening in our Fort Worth community and on campus. We can’t wait to share more with you!

That’s all for now. 

God bless,
Pastor Alvin & Mallary Brown ::

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Community Dinner/Hangout
Food, Fun, Friends, and Family at the Brown’s House
Sunday, Oct. 29th @ 5 pm

General Prayer Requests & Updates

For evangelism to flourish so communities and campuses in the greater Fort Worth area will be reached, and the lost will see and experience the love of Christ and be drawn to his kingdom.

For signs and wonders to follow the preaching of His Word.

For team unity and laborers to help carry the load.

For finances and provisions.

For fully funded campus missionaries (2 per campus) to help reach the next generation — Texas Christian University (TCU), Dallas Baptist University (DBU), University of Texas at Arlington (UTA), Tarrant County College (TCC), Texas Wesleyan University (TWU) and Tarleton State University – Fort Worth (TSU).

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